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Klaudia Diamond rushed up to me, terrified. Her handbag had been taken, and she was terrified. Her work documents, as well as her phone, were in the bag, she said. It was not good news. But I assured Klaudia that today was her lucky day since I would be able to assist her. I had money in my pocket and she needed money to get home. Klaudia willingly lifted up her shirt when I promised her 2000 crowns to show me her tits. Her boobs were stunning, so I asked if she'd be willing to pay more for a blowout. She gave a kind smile. Klaudia dropped down on her knees and took my hard cock into her mouth as we walked away together. I asked her if she would come home with me to fuck because the blowjob was fantastic. I soon had her on my bed in a doggy-style posture, and I started spanking her arse and playing with her pussy. I fucked Klaudia hard in my bed and covered her with hot cum after making her climax.

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