Student Fucked in Forest for Cash

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Misha is a lovely university student, but her parents are wealthy and send her a lot of money, so she was a tough sell. She was a stunning young blonde dressed in a schoolgirl outfit, but man, could she bargain! For some quick cash, she showed me her swollen boobs and tight student pussy, and she appeared to like it. I told her she made my dick hard, and she demanded to see him, so I whipped him out on the side of the road for her. I asked if she would suck my large dick for me after she told me she liked him. The nasty stranger almost swallowed it all! Oh, how I adored it! We fucked by the river with Misha riding me and her underwear pulled to the side since we were both so fired up. What a gorgeous young lady! And how wonderful she looked with my come smeared across her cheeks!

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