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I struck up a chat with busty brunette Taylee Wood who was waiting on the side of the road. Taylee, a 20-year-old student, was standing in line for the bus. I told her I had a small questionnaire I needed people to fill out, but I quickly altered my tune when I discovered she was a little kooky. I offered her money in exchange for her enormous, natural boobs, and she upped the ante. I paid her, and it was well worth it to view those tits. I gave her additional money so she could show her pussy, but I noticed it was hairless. I decided to push my luck a little further and asked if I could pay her for a blowout. Taylee agreed, and she was so horny after sucking my cock that she let me fuck her pussy doggystyle! Taylee stroked my cock until her handjob made me cum after I made her climax!

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