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I saw this lovely little Italian princess named Mary Jane going down the street and asked her if she wanted to appear on television. I told her I was searching for participants for a new program called "Open My Mouth and What's In It?" I told her I was seeking for contestants for a new show called "Open My Mouth and What's In It?" I offered her 100 euros if she could guess what I put in her mouth. I started with a cherry tomato, then added an apple, and finished with a banana. After she got it right, I asked her to go down on her knees. I pushed my dick in her mouth with her eyes closed. She immediately recognized what it was and began giving me a blowjob! I suggested we travel to a neighboring location where I could play with Mary's tits, and she bounced her ass up and down on my lap while I fucked her tight pussy till I covered her with a facial.

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