The Fake Taxi Movie Episode Three: Sorry Martin

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The other day, I ran into this lovely brunette named Tasha Lustn while out on a stroll. She didn't speak Czech, but as we conversed, I learned that she had come from the UK to see Prague. Tasha decided to participate in a casting after I gave her some cash. I was feeling horny after the lovely Brit displayed me her flawless boobs, so I paid her additional money in exchange for a quick blowout. It didn't take her long to answer yes because she was eager to use the money for her shopping spree. We found a more isolated area after nearly colliding with the fleeing Fake Taxi, when Tasha got to her knees and began sucking and gagging on my dick. The thin babe wanted more, so I beat her while fondling her enormous tits in the missionary position on the floor. She then bowed down to take a doggystyle fuck. I jerked off just as I was about to cum and released a large, creamy load right into Tasha's mouth!

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