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During my late-night stroll, I came across Candie Luciani, a seductive French woman. Candie informed me that she was working as a model in Prague, so I gave her a few euros in exchange for a private modeling job for me. The gorgeous brunette flashed me her stunning natural tits after accepting the money, and she even let me play with her perky nipples! She then pulled back her thong so I could see her tight snatch, which really grabbed me, so I requested a blowjob. Candie pounced on my large dick and rode it cowgirl-style before sucking on it some more. I enjoyed hearing Candie gag as she did this. Then, she got down on all fours and had a doggy-style fuck until I ended up in her mouth! She spread her legs out and encouraged me to hammer her dripping wet pussy in missionary position!

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