Tourist fucks for money in public

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I observed this chick walking towards a block of apartments and decided to stop her and strike up a discussion with her. I informed her that I was seeking for models to join our agency. She was a visitor in the country visiting friends, so she wasn't sure she'd be able to...but with the help of a large sum of money, I was able to persuade her! She showed me her incredible body in a small corner of the building! Wow! She needs to exercise... Anyway, I was so turned on that I had to ask her if she'd do a blowjob on the spot. She stole the money from me as soon as she saw it! But I had to keep my eyes peeled. She walked over to my cock and put her moist lips over it! But it wasn't long before I noticed someone approaching, so we had to hurry! We drove to my car, where she sucked me dry a little more before I flashed her another wad of cash... If she would only let me fuck her! She possessed a lovely, hairy pussy! She climbed to the top and began riding up and down my dick! Her tits bouncing around was so much fun to see! I put her on her back and then dumped my load all over her chest!

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