The Sessions: Part 8

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Welcome to The Sessions, a seductive television program that takes you inside one of the most private places a person has ever beenβ€”the therapist's office. Watch as patients and professionals discuss their sexualities. A different therapist, patient, and a completely new set of sexual boundaries are crossed in every episode. The new stepmom, Chanel, claims in Part 8 that she has tried everything to build a relationship with her stepdaughter, Carolina, including taking the teenager to treatment after the theft of a priceless necklace. Mick, her therapist, advises that she try a traditional spanking. He suggests an unconventional bonding activity when that doesn't change Carolina's attitude, and soon Carolina and Chanel are opening up to him and to one another in a totally new way. By the end of the session, the once-bratty teenager is ecstatic to share Mick's cum with her and can't stop licking her stepmother's pussy!

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