Cops Cum Makes Her Late

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I gave this hot lady my phone at the party the other night, and she called me in the midst of my shift today! Olivia had a job interview at a fitness facility and asked if I could drive her there. She also wanted to know if I had any tips for dealing with anxiousness. So, since I'm a law enforcement officer and all, I promised to come pick up the lovely brunette! And, because I'm a kind man in general, I agreed that a brief fuck in the backseat of my police car before her appointment would be lovely and calming. Olivia has a stunning thin, tanned figure. While riding your cock, she has long dark hair that sweeps against your face. Perky tits in their natural state. She rode me right there in the backseat after she deepthroated my massive dick. I made her cum, then smacked her across the back with a big cumshot. She stated that she was certain she would get the job after that! If you want something done well, ask a cop, as I often advise folks.

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