Fake Driving School: Posh cheating wife has loud orgasms

Posh cheating wife has loud orgasms

I was done my shift when I got a call about a last minute lesson for Princess Jas. I wasn't pleased, especially considering she already had her license. Jas wanted a refresher course, since her husband had done all the driving and she had left him. Turns out he was a driving instructor, and she had caught him fucking one of his students. Imagine that? A driving instructor sleeping with a student? So unprofessional! Anyhow, Jas wanted to get back at her husband, so after a quick refresher course, she grabbed my face and kissed me. Without hesitation she gave me a blowjob that made me question the sanity of any husband who would leave her. I played with her tits and fingered her pussy while she slobbered on my cock, and while she rode me cowgirl, she fingered her own arse! Jasmine was a fantastic lay, and even finished the job herself by wanking me into her mouth!

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