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So I've been getting some fire from my superiors about the internet thing, so I've decided to play it safe from now on. Everything was changed on the FDS automobile, including the number! I was joking about with a friend when I noticed Katy Jayne standing behind me. So to speak, I was caught off guard. Katy introduced herself as the new board examiner, which made me feel a little self-conscious. I was going to be fired when Katy informed me that she had heard about my glowing reports and that the board was pleased with my pass rate. What a welcome relief! Who was I to say no to a board member who requested a demo? She disclosed something to me in the car, and it wasn't just her large natural tits! Katy had heard about me on the internet and was curious as to what the fuss was all about. At first, I assumed it was a ruse, a kind of bait, you know? But it was clear why she had made it this far in the industry as she began caressing my cock over my jeans! I fucked her in every position I could think of as this board examiner examined every nook and cranny of my body. She told me that this would all stay between us after I gave her a massive load of sperm that she swallowed like a champ. This, I believe, is the beginning of a fantastic working partnership!

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