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talked for a bit, and I flirted with him profusely. I adore an older man, and I was so horny that I wanted to check if he was interested in having some fun with me. Instead of taking the tablets, I proposed that we try it right then and there to see if he could develop an erection. As I bent over the desk, pulled his cock, and began to wank it, he seemed a little taken aback, but he had no erection troubles. He was soon groaning, and he was as hard as a diamond after popping it in my hot mouth and giving him a tit wank. I was more than pleased to oblige when he requested if we could fuck to see if he could keep his erection without the medications. He lifted me to my feet and knelt over the good doctor's desk. His cock felt lovely in my pussy, tightly clenched. As he slid it in and out of me, my nerve endings began to tingle. This elderly gentleman really knew how to fuck, and I had no idea why he was in such desperate need of these medications. He had a lot of stamina because he fucked me in a couple different positions all over the doctor's desk. He fucked me with the kind of dexterity and care that only an older lover can. I'd had cum a few times and needed to see the doctor's cumshot because he was due back any minute. He immediately withdrew out and released his little cumshot all over my pussy lips and stomach after banging my pussy for a few more moments as I lay splayed on the desk. I proved that getting your dick hard doesn't require medicines; all you need is a gorgeous, naughty nurse like myself.

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