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Barbie Bangs was seeking for a trip all the way to London when I picked her up, and her eyes widened when I told her that some of my passengers negotiate for lower fares by flashing their tits for my taxi's surveillance cameras. Barbie encouraged me to join her in the back to entice me into giving her a free ride by flashing me her massive 32G tits and coming forward so I could squeeze them. When Barbie pulled down my pants and saw the size of my hard-on, pushing against my jeans to get inside of her tight Milf pussy, her eyes widened! Barbie titfucked my cock after tearing down her tube dress, then stuffed every inch of my cock into her mouth. Barbie climbed in and sat on the back bench with me, after which I humped her till she squealed with delight, before driving her as far as she desired.

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