Stuck In A Washing Machine

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Josephine Jackson, who is staying at the Fake Hostel, takes her regular workout in her room while Jason X looks on in horny awe. Josephine berates him for staring at her while sweating and thrilled, then changes into tights and a see-through shirt to go do laundry. Josephine realizes a piece of clothing has been left behind when she opens the washing machine door. The busty brunette's hair gets trapped in the machine as she reaches in! When Josephine yells for help, she hears Jason X jerk away from her. He tries not to cum, but he can't help himself. Jason gets another erection as Josephine requests him to take off her tights and fuck her, then plows her gorgeous pussy before assisting her in removing her hair from the machine. When the washing machine is turned on, Josephine tries to exit the room, but she slips on Jason's load and becomes stuck in the machine once more. Jason puts his cock in her mouth for a blowjob, then helps her out. The couple then returns to their shared room, where Josephine eats Jason's cock till he covers her in a facial!

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