The Naked Interruption

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When there's a knock at the door, Angelo and the Landlord are hanging around in the Fake Hostel, keeping an eye on things. The Landlord, irritated by the interruption of his stories, leaves a key on the front desk and opens the door. Lady Gang appears, as bare as the day she was born! Lady enters the room, but Angelo and Steve's gaze is fixed on the television. She makes her bed and settles in before bending down and grabbing their attention with her enormous ass. Lady admits she is a nudist, which is a remarkable coincidence because Angelo and the Landlord also announce they are nudists at the same time! The men strip down to their underwear and play with Lady's large boobs while she strokes her cocks. She then blows the Landlord while Angelo sucks her moist pussy and ass. She blows out the studs, then takes turns putting their cocks in her pussy and ass. The men double penetrate Lady Gang as they pick her up, leaving her airtight and full of cock till they each cover her with a double facial!

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