Female Agent: Sexy beauty is licking for work in sensual lesbian casting

Sexy beauty is licking for work in sensual lesbian casting

Morgan (26 mins). This beautiful woman opened the door and walked into my life bursting with confidence and with a smile that just made my heart skip a beat. She was very beautiful and I found myself entranced with her as we started the interview. She was very confident and straight away came out with the fact that she wanted to model to show off her body. I asked to see her body and to my surprise, when she got down to her underwear she asked if I wanted to see everything. I normally have to coax castings out of their underwear, but not this courageous beauty. I approached her, my eyes drinking in her pert tits and beautiful ass, and I told her that if she did want lots of jobs she would have to be very nice to me. I took her hand and put it under my dress and she knew what she would need to do. She wasted no time and we locked lips and began to explore each others body. We were soon naked on the couch and I tasted her pussy with my inquisitive tongue. She tasted divine but I really wanted to have some fun with this woman. I got my favorite toy out and I slid it inside her and pumped it up to its maximum girth. I fed it and out of her tight hole and she was soon screaming with pleasure as her orgasm consumed her. Now it was my turn and this girl was soon licking for work, coaxing my own orgasm out of hiding as she finger fucked and licked me until I exploded. One of my favorite castings so far and one which I intend to watch again after I finish writing this.

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