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Recently, I picked up a handsome man who was rushing to get to the city center since he had a date that night. He remarked throughout the ride that he met the woman he was meeting through a dating app and that she appeared attractive in her images. When he moved over to take a closer look after I inquired whether he thought I was pretty, I could see he enjoyed my enormous tits. I proposed that we find a parking spot and that I would allow him to fuck me. He was a little apprehensive at first, but as soon as I sat down behind him and began wanking him off, he perked right up! The tattooed guy licked out my pussy after I had deep-throated his cock, and he then punched me in the missionary. I lubricated myself and sat cowgirl-style on his dick. Once my tight hole had been stretched, it was finally time for him to cum!

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