Public Agent: Emo chick has sex in the woods

Emo chick has sex in the woods

Walking along in the street I saw this hot emo chick! She looked like she might be up for a bit of fun! I stopped her and talked to her for a bit, she was a college girl! I told her I thought she was very beautiful and if she wanted to she could make a load of money to help her out whilst she studies. When I told her how much, she began to come around...but when she saw it, she grabbed it and we went in to a nearby woods and she got on her knee's and sucked me off! For a college babe, she really knew what she was doing! She stood up and I pulled down her tight jeans. I played with her for a bit, just to get her pussy nice and wet! Then I slipped my cock deep inside her! Felt so good drilling my dick in and out of her! We had to be quiet though, we didn't wanna get caught out by people on a walk! We continued to fuck until I came all over her pretty little ass! Got it all on camera too!

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