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Angel Rush, 19, was going down the street, her beautiful brown hair flowing down past her thighs. When I stopped her and told her how lovely she was and asked if she would like to work for my modeling agency, she was quite kind. Angel told me that her boyfriend supports her with money because she recently lost her job in her hometown of St. Petersburg. She was a darling who was eager to gain some modeling work, so she agreed to participate in a casting with me. She wasn't wearing any panties and had the most incredible ass! My cock had hardened considerably. She was hesitant to accept the money for the sex, but as I showed her my dick, she fell in love with it and began licking him. As I fucked her, Angel had a fantastic orgasm, and then she stuffed a load of my come into her exquisite lips. What a stunning woman, and what a stunning casting!

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