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Today I walked up to Jayla De Angelis, a gorgeous woman, and introduced myself. Jayla was first a little reticent, but she stopped to talk when I mentioned that I ran a modeling agency. The gorgeous brunette accepted my offer of payment in exchange for a blowout because she was a struggling actor as I was starting to become horny. I face-fucked the slut after Jayla sucked me off while she was on her knees. Jayla consented to follow me to my secret hangout after I offered her more money, and there, I pummeled her doggy-style from behind. The skinny chick played with her hairy pussy before climbing onto my large dick and giving me the cowgirl's ride. After that, Jayla swallowed my hot, creamy load all over her lovely face as I banged her in the missionary position while watching her natural boobs jiggle up and down.

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