Blonde Brit Fucked by Euro Cabbie

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Gina Varney, a British blonde woman, got into my taxi today. Gina informed me that she preferred Czech men because they were attentive to her. Ms. Varney came to meet them after meeting a friend online. We got to talking, and she asked if I had a girlfriend, to which I said that I didn't. Gina was intrigued by this and inquired about my sex life. I explained to her that sometimes my clients are unable to pay, and we must make alternative arrangements. Gina had, as luck would have it, forgotten her purse. She turned around and shook her booty for me after agreeing to show me her large boobs. I located a quiet spot for us to park, and I doggystyled her so I could lick her tight arse and pussy. I fucked Gina after she gave me a messy deepthroat blowjob. She begged me to put something into her, so I gave her a creampie!

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