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Tasha Lustn, a British beauty, was picked up by me this morning in the Fake Taxi for a ride into the city. Tasha stated that she hadn't packed much cash and wasn't sure whether she could cover the fare since we had just gotten going. The seductive brunette recommended that we strike a deal and then stuck out her booty while wearing a thong! Tasha's boobs looked amazing in her gorgeous pink bra, and the sight of her hot body was making my dick harden. I parked in a quiet area and got into the backseat with Tasha. She gave me a shoddy blowjob and then the busty nympho wanked me off between her false tits! Tasha got on top and rode her tight pussy over my huge dick cowgirl-style because she wanted to be fucked, and then I banged the feisty brunette in missionary position. In the back of the taxi, we engaged in some spooning until I jerked off and sprayed her face in my come!

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